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Dealt with ERIC and JEREMY. Wonderful experience, highly recommended.

Mansoor Siddique

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants made their motto 'to make the impossible possible' true for us! Never could we have imagined sleeping in a tent in the desert with our wheelchair bound daughter. Nor could we have envisaged that she would be able to visit the old Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou feeling like a princess in a Joelette Trekking Wheelchair. Fortunately we have got photos to assure us that this wasn't a dream, but a real fairytale trip. We did it! 1200 kilometers through Morocco with a wonderful driver and all the necessary equipment. MATC, Jeremy, thank you for making this possible.

Karin Herrebout

Jeremy was such a great resource for us as we planned a wheelchair accessible trip to Morocco. He went above and beyond not only to provide us with information about the country and accessibility, but also to check out personally some of the attractions that we were interested in to make sure that they were accessible (even visiting a hotel where we wanted to stay to measure the doors, take note of any obstacles for a wheelchair, etc). He worked with us through multiple iterations of our itinerary, providing insightful feedback throughout. He did a great job of listening to our interests and objectives for the trip and incorporating our ideas into a workable schedule. Once we decided to book with this company, Jeremy made it incredibly easy. We just showed up in Marrakesh, and everything else was taking care of. I usually prefer to plan trips on my own, but in the case of traveling to an unfamiliar country, it was invaluable to have the advice of an expert. I would highly recommend this company!

Lauren Faraino

I genuinely thought i had arranged a mobility scooter through my hotel. No they thought it was a bike scooter. I was trapped and stuck in my room. I came across this company who were very very helpful and stuck with me patiently till I had delivery. Jeremy himself answered countless questions in emails to ensure i was safe and sorted. It really did save our holiday.

Marie Dowd

MATC made it possible for me travelling alone in a wheelchair to have an easy, safe, and fantastic trip to Morocco.
Communications sorting out my itinerary were always answered promptly, and all the way through everything was done very professionally. I was very happy with all aspects of the trip - the itinerary, my driver/guide, vehicle, and all of the hotels which were wheelchair accessible and easy to manage in.

I was especially impressed with the disability equipment that they have which made my trip easy and even more enjoyable - the adapted camel riding seat, the jolette chair, and the go anywhere ramp.

Morocco is an amazing and wonderful country to visit so I thank Erik and Jeremy for making it such a fantastic experience for me.
I would most definitely highly recommend their company, they are awesome!

Jan Jarvis

This group arranged our tour of Morocco and did a great job. I am physically handicapped so it is often a challenge for us to travel to foreign countries. They set up everything with guides, drivers and the hotels so we did not have to worry about anything.

I would definitely recommend using this group for a visit to Morocco.

Alan Early

I had a fantastic time in Morocco while on tour with Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants! During my 12 days in Morocco, we visited Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, the Sahara Desert, and more. With MATC’s help, I was able to do things that I never thought were possible... including riding a camel! MATC went above and beyond to make my experience unforgettable and I would highly recommend them to any other wheelchair users!

Cory Lee

I had an excellent experience with Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants and highly recommend them! They were professional, thorough, and I love that they actively advocate for accessibility throughout Morocco. The camel ride with the accessible saddle they created was my favorite! If I could give them 10 stars, I would!

Kelly Narowski

Jeremy and Erik put in the legwork and research, so you can relax, and rest assured that your trip to Morocco will be well-worth the investment! Not only have they first-hand and meticulously evaluated all accommodations and locales that you will visit, Jeremy and Erik promote improvements to increase accessibility throughout Morocco. You will be provided an excellent tour guide and driver who will show you a safe and comfortable time, in addition to making sure you know all about the sites you see and the culture that welcomes you. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, they will be addressed immediately and with a smile, and Erik and Jeremy are always eager to learn from and cater to their client's individual needs. If you want to make the most of a short visit, or a longer stay, make sure to consult with MATC, you won't regret it! 🙂 Not only will you help yourself, but in supporting this venture, you'll be helping to expand the future of accessible travel in Morocco. 10/10 Would definitely recommend and already looking forward to my next visit!

Farah Sagin

I can’t say enough good things about MATC. On our tour with Cory Lee they really went above and beyond to meet the needs of each individual traveler. They were always positive and nice and willing to do whatever was necessary to make us feel comfortable and pleased with our visit in Morocco. I would definitely use their tour services again for my next wonderful adventure to this amazing country.

Sandy Gilbreath

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants put together a fantastic week in Morocco. I had concerns about the country's accessibility, as a power wheelchair user who needs assistance with all activities of daily living, but Jeremy and Erik had us covered! I am also especially grateful that Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants came through for my caregiver and I when our night flight out of Casablanca was canceled; they arranged for me to rent a Hoyer lift for an extra night and transportation to and from the airport on an emergency basis. Very caring people!

Emily Munson

Absolutely amazing professionals!! Extremely attentive, great charisma and communication skills!! I give Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants very top recommendation!

Joshua Jordan
We wanted to see Morocco up close and personal. So we got in touch with Erik at Morocco Accessible Travel. We outlined our requirements and our limitations. We also outlined a list of all that we wished to see. Erik worked with us for a few months to achieve our goals. What we got when we arrived in Morocco was a driver that whisked us around to all of the important sites in Fes, Volubilis, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marakkech. We were taken on tours where our TravelScoot put on 50 kilometers total including all of the places where we were dropped.
Erik arranged for private guides to care for us and take us to the Mosques, Synagogues, Souks, Mellahs, and our long list of personal wishes. Our driver was amazing because there is no parking in Morocco. However, he knew just where to drop us and when to pick us up. He was able to get to the site box office quickly and then introduce us to our personal street guide. Where we wanted to go for lunch or supper in areas where you could get lost in seconds, he had a guide walking us to the door and later back to the Morocco Accessible Travel Van. We took over 250 wonderful photos. Because our guides knew just where we should stop.
There were steps and my wife was able to get off the TravelScoot and walk a few steps while the guide and I moved the TravelScoot. They chose accessible places with relatively smooth streets where wheelchairs could go. When we needed to rest they knew the best and most interesting rest areas. The Hotels and Riads were amazing and met our demanding quality. Yes, there were a few glitches, but when you see the traffic you will understand how impossible the perfect timetable is. Keep a hundred quarters (3 Dirhams) in your pocket, everyone wants to help you, open doors, watch your car, or your bike, have a photo taken, and a hand is out. It actually turned out to be a fun activity tip here tip there tip everywhere. If you speak French you are away and sailing, if you speak only English the Moroccans try hard to accommodate you. The other thing is that Morocco Accessible Travel is putting pressure on the tourist industry to have more accessible sites and streets.
Ben Levinson

We just finished a 10 day tour in Morocco with Youseff as our guide. We rate both agency and driver as 5 stars. We could not be more pleased with the service and support that the agency and the driver afforded us. The mobility challenged party of our group was treated with the utmost respect during the trip. Youseff handled us with a gentle and respectful manner making us feel safe at all times while providing us with accessibility at every stop. Even getting the wheelchair through a forest in order to feed monkeys. We highly recommend.

Sofia Zises

Besides their specialized knowledge in how to plan a visit to Morocco for someone with limited mobility, working with MAT was probably the smoothest dealings I've ever had with a travel/tour provider. They always quickly responded to questions and continually offered advice and help. Very satisfied and would highly recommend.

Eugene Patron

My 80yo mother who uses a walker, really wanted to go to Morocco. I booked the flights and found an accessible hotel in Marrakech but still had many questions about if and how we could explore the ancient medinas, would we need a wheelchair for long days of touring, what kind of excursions beyond the city we should attempt. Jeremy and the MAT team made themselves available to discuss options, make suggestions, and organize an itinerary. The guides they arranged were knowledgable and the wheelchair rental high quality. MAT provided great service - quickly responding to emails, instant messages and calls. They really worked to partner with me and create an individualized trip tailored to my mother's needs and providing us with a culturally rich trip and memorable experiences.

Eugene Patron

I enjoyed the trip; the Riad and the Kasbah were fantastic, and the service at both places was amazing….Ali and Mohammad were fantastic and I would recommend both of them to anyone, they were very helpful and very knowledgeable. Ali had some great stories for us….Thank you for putting this tour together for us.

Christy B.

We had a wonderful trip and were very pleased with the arrangements you made. Our driver was terrific. The two Riads were both excellent and the three guides were all quite good.

Robert D.

I thank you for an amazing trip to Ouzoud. We were all very happy and satisfied for the trip. It is very great that I, as a wheelchair user, can experience a beautiful place like Ouzoud mountains very easily. The place was fantastic and it won't be the last time for me to visit the place. Thank you for your work/help. I will absolutely contact you in the future for another trip.

Selma S.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your hard work in organizing our trip. I think I described it once as herding cats. I know it was not easy trying to get something that worked with everyone’s schedules and wishes. You did a great job, and everyone enjoyed our trip.

The second thing on which I would like to complement you and everybody else involved is the efforts made to ensure a high-level quadriplegic could see and enjoy Morocco.

Mohammed was an excellent driver; always concerned about our well being and willing to assist in getting my wheelchair wherever it needed to go. I was amazed that in all of our travels I never fell forward or sideways in my chair while he was driving.

Thank you very much for your help in organizing this trip. I had always wanted to visit Morocco, but thought as a quadriplegic it would be impossible. After finding your website I started to think the trip might actually be a possibility. My e-mails back and forth with you quickly changed my thinking from it being a possibility to an actuality with only the details to be finalized. The trip went smoothly, with no real complaints from anyone in our diverse group. I would highly recommend your company to anyone planning on traveling to Morocco and especially to any disabled person planning a trip to that wonderful country.

Jody F.
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